[PDF] Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual by J. Phillip Ellenberger

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Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual by J. Phillip Ellenberger pdf free

Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual Building Design Fabrication and Examination by J. Phillip Ellenberger

Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual by J. Phillip Ellenberger pdf free

Download Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual Building, Design, Fabrication, and Examination by J. Phillip Ellenberger in PDF Format for Free.


The lack of commentary or historical perspective regarding the codes and standards requirements for piping design and construction is an obstacle to the designer, manufacturer, fabricator, supplier, erector, examiner, inspector, and owner who want to provide a safe and economical piping system. An intensive manual, this book will utilize hundreds of calculations and examples based on 40 years of personal experiences of the author as both an engineer and instructor. Each example demonstrates how the code and standard have been correctly and incorrectly applied. This book is a no-nonsense guide to the principle intentions of the codes or standards and provides advice on compliance.

E-book Particulars :
Language English
Pages 375
Format PDF
Measurement 8.30 MB

Table of contents :

Front Matter
• Table of Contents
• Interactive Graphs Table (12) •Part I. Introduction 1. Major Codes and Standards
2. Metric versus U.S. Customary Measurement
3. Selection and Use of Pipeline Materials
•Part II. Construction and Design Fabrication 4. Piping and Pipeline Sizing, Friction Losses, and Flow Calculations
5. Piping and Pipeline Pressure Thickness Integrity Calculations
6. Straight Pipe, Curved Pipe, and Intersection Calculations
7. Piping Flexibility, Reactions, and Sustained Thermal Calculations
8. Pipe-Supporting Elements and Methods Calculations
9. Specialty Components
10. High-Frequency versus Low-Frequency Vibration Calculations
11. Occasional Loads Calculations
12. Slug Flow and Fluid Transients Calculations
13. Fabrication and Examination Elements Calculations
14. Valves and Flow Control Calculations
Appendix: Charts, Graphs, and other Helpful Guides
• Bibliography

What are the mandatory necessities to maneuver from a piping or pipeline system thought to its completion? The fundamental premise of this e book is that on the coronary heart of these necessities are a sequence of calculations, which cowl a variety of topics. In any pipeline system, the core of the system itself is the piping, which is its skeleton. Nevertheless, as with every skeleton, there have to be different components to incorporate earlier than the system can turn into the ultimate entity that was the unique thought.Pipe is mainly a transport construction. To find out what that construction requires would contain what it’s supposed to move. Whereas it is very important have data of how the medium to be transported is generated, this e book doesn’t handle that space. Technology of that comes from one other subject of experience. A pipe system has a starting, an ending, and a path between the 2 factors. To move the medium liquid or gasoline some definition of temperatures, pressures, quantity to be transported per unit of time, and the vitality required to perform the transport must be, a minimum of partially, established.

Many of those shall be thought-about as a given on this e book and the strategies of calculating the opposite components are mentioned and defined. The bottom codes for the design of a brand new system, and those used on this e book because the reference supply, are the B31 piping codes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The B31 piping codes encompass a number of sections or books that describe the necessities for methods of a selected kind. These can readily be damaged into the 2 fundamental sorts a piping system and a pipeline system.

The variations between the 2 are {that a} piping system could be generically outlined as being inside a localized space to attach numerous vessels which might be for response and/or storage. A pipeline system is extra like a pure transport medium between two geographical positions. Inside each are components of the opposite. There are lots of pipelines inside a plant or localized space, and alongside the pipelines between distant factors are stations which have piping methods crucial for some pipeline ingredient corresponding to a compressor station.

For these causes, the assorted sections or books of the B31 codes permit piping system house owners to find out which code would apply to their explicit mission. In making this determination the house owners are additionally suggested to consider which code the jurisdiction(s) for his or her tasks would possibly take into account relevant. All system necessities mainly set requirements of calculation to ascertain a secure finish end result. These qualification requirements are outlined with particular calculation procedures within the codes.

Some issues are required to be taken under consideration with out particulars of methods to take into account them. Some calculations require base calculations to reach on the level the place the code calculation can be utilized. On this e book, we handle lots of the grayer areas. As one goes by the steps of assembly the necessities of explicit codes, she or he may even discover many different requirements included by reference. It is a sensible manner for the codes to cowl many frequent components within the design and development of a system.


Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual – Construction, Design, Fabrication, and Examination

Author(s): Ellenberger, J. Phillip

Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-080-95899-6

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