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Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography. Best Biography Of Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book

The book Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book is written by Karen Blumenthal and it is a biography of the legendary technology pioneer and co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. The book tells us about how he was able to establish himself in such a short period as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American history.

About Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography By Walter Isaacson Book

Steve Jobs is the authorized self-titled biography of Steve Jobs. The book was written at the request of Jobs by Walter Isaacson, a former executive at CNN and TIME who has written best-selling biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs is in some ways another product created from the mind of its subject. Though Jobs was insistent that he wouldn’t interfere with the writing of the book (and in fact he seems not to have read any part of it), he hand-picked Isaacson to lay down his legacy for all to see. Why he chose him is not surprising: Isaacson’s biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein are engrossing, epic, and readable studies of men who changed history. You can download free from below and buy from amazon if you want.

Who is Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was an American businessman, inventor and industrial designer. He was the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. He previously served as chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios; he became a member of the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006, following the acquisition of Pixar by Disney.

Job’s impact on consumer electronics and popular culture is often compared to that of Henry Ford or Thomas Edison.

Jobs’s career began with Apple in 1974 and over 25 years, he turned it into one of the world’s most valuable companies by pioneering such industries as personal computing, animated film and music downloads. His work at Apple is regarded as some of the company’s most important products. These include Macintosh computers; iPod media players; iPhone smartphones; iPad tablet computers; iCloud data storage services for all these devices; iTunes multimedia content management software for organizing digital music files; iLife productivity software for organizing digital photos and videos from mobile devices (iPhoto), editing video clips (iMovie) or creating photo slide shows (iPhoto). Among other achievements at Apple: release of Mac OS X operating system based upon NeXTSTEP technology developed at NeXT Computer where he served as interim CEO during 1993–1997 before being replaced by Gil Amelio & later returning with buyout deal worth $429 million USD which gave him 5% stake worth $22 billion USD when sold off share options back in January 2014.”

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book Details

Author(s): Apple Computer, Inc;Jobs, Steve;Isaacson, Walter

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group, Year: 2011

ISBN: 9780748131327

Author: Walter Isaacson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Language: English

ISBN: 9781451648803

Publication Date: October 24, 2012

Format: Paperback (672 pages)

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book Author

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book Author is Walter Isaacson. He’s an American author and journalist who was the CEO of CNN from 2001 to 2003. He has also been a visiting scholar at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since 2008, and he taught at Tulane University’s Media Studies program until 2012.

Walter Isaacson is well known for his biographies of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Kissinger, and Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book Summary

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book is a book about Steve Jobs, who is an American businessman and inventor. The book is written by Walter Isaacson.

It’s based on over 40 interviews with Jobs, his family, and friends from the early 1970s until just before his death in October 2011.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section covers Jobs’ childhood and early adulthood, including his time at Reed College. The second section focuses on Jobs’ career at Apple Inc., from its origins in 1976 to his resignation as CEO in 1985.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book Review

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book Review

If you want to know more about Steve Jobs, his life and achievements, this book is perfect for you. It sheds light on the many accomplishments of Steve Jobs and how he was able to make some of the most important products in history, such as iPhones and iPads. In addition to that, it also gives an account of how he handled adversity in his life while still maintaining his principles. This book contains valuable lessons that anyone can learn from it. You don’t have to be a tech geek or work at Apple or any other large company for that matter; this book will help anyone who wishes to achieve something great in their lives regardless of what field they belong into!

Table of contents :

How this book came to be
Childhood : abandoned and chosen
Odd couple : the two Steves
The dropout : turn on, tune in …
Atari and India : Zen and the art of game design
The Apple I : turn on, boot up, jack in …
The Apple II : dawn of a new age
Chrisann and Lisa : he who is abandoned …
Xerox and Lisa : graphical user interfaces
Going public : a man of wealth and fame
The Mac is born : you say you want a revolution
The reality distortion field : playing by his own set of rules
The design : real artists simplify
Building the Mac : the journey is the reward
Enter Sculley : the Pepsi challenge
The launch : a dent in the universe
Gates and Jobs : when orbits intersect
Icarus : what goes up …
NeXT : Prometheus unbound
Pixar : technology meets art
A regular guy : love is just a four-letter word
Family man : at home with the Jobs clan
Toy story : Buzz and Woody to the rescue
The second coming : what rough beast, its hour come round at last …
The restoration : the loser now will be later to win
Think different : Jobs as iCEO
Design principles : the studio of Jobs and Ive
The iMac : hello (again)
CEO : still crazy after all these years
Apple stores : genius bars and siena sandstone
The digital hub : from iTunes to the iPod
The iTunes store : I’m the Pied Piper
Music man : the sound track of his life
Pixar’s friends : … and foes
Twenty-first-century Macs : setting Apple apart
Round one : Memento mori
The iPhone : three revolutionary products in one
Round two : the cancer recurs
The iPad : into the post-PC era
New battles : and echoes of old ones
To infinity : the cloud, the spaceship, and beyond
Round three : the twilight struggle
Legacy : the brightest heaven of invention.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book PDF Download

Download the PDF version of Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book by clicking here.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Book is an amazing read. It will take you through the life of a man who has been called one of the most influential in the world. He was a visionary who saw things differently than others, and it helped him to create products that will be used for years to come. If you are looking for something new in your life then this book may be just what you need!


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