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The Secret Of The Druids By Christopher C. Doyle

The Secret Of The Druids is a mystery and fiction novel by Christopher C. Doyle, published in 2016.

55 B.C. & 54 B.C.
Julius Caesar invades Britain twice…only to leave empty handed.

60 A.D.
The Romans single-mindedly target the extermination of the Druids and the destruction of their sacred sites. What fear drives them to do so?


Who were the Druids? Were they priests or astronomers? Scientists or sorcerers?

What is the ancient and terrifying secret from the Mahabharata that links the megalithic sites of Britain to the Druids, Julius Caesar and a mysterious Queen who lived 4000 years ago?

These are the riddles that Vijay Singh and the task force must answer if they are to save the world from a fate worse than death. But time is running out…

Explore the science behind the Mahabharata in this explosive thriller packed with action, puzzles and mysteries from the past.

The Secret of The Druids PDF

Author(s): Christopher C. Doyle

Series: The Mahabharata Secret #3

Publisher: Westland, Year: 2016

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