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Roger A Kerin,
Steven W Hartley,

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The 13th edition of Kerin / Hartleys Marketing is the most powerful marketing principle solution available to meet the needs of a wide range of educators. Marketing focuses on decision making through a wide range of examples, cases, and videos that involve real people making real marketing decisions. Combining decades of experience in higher education classrooms, the team of writers continues to emphasize the innovative pedagogical approach of the degree. Marketing is a corporate, professional marketing staff in cases, exercises, and testimony that helps students personalize marketing and identify potential professional interests, with conversational writing styles, the ability to attract students through active learning techniques. , And is known for its vivid description of entrepreneurs.
With powerful tools such as Connect, SmartBooks, and regularly updated resources at, this 13th edition of Marketing is a comprehensive program that balances traditional and modern concepts. The best choice for instructors looking for. Kerin / Hartleys Marketing is also available from McGraw-Hill Connect®, a subscription learning service that can be accessed online via a personal computer or tablet. Connect subscriptions include:

• SmartBook®-A digital version of a customizable course manual that personalizes the reading experience based on how well students are learning content. • Access to assignments, quizzes, syllabuses, notes, reminders and other important course files. For assignments that are automatically evaluated by Connect Marketing, iSeeIt! It is included. Concept animations, video cases, and other application exercises apply concepts to students and explore how businesses analyze, create, deliver, communicate, and capture value. Contact your learning technology representative for a complete list of chapter-by-chapter assignments and learning outcomes. • Progress monitoring screen. Quickly show how students are doing their tasks and give tips for improvement. • Option to buy a printed version of the book (for a small fee). This ready-to-bind cutter version includes free shipping.
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