[PDF] Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government

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, [PDF] Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government

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, [PDF] Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government

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David A Holdstock,

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Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government Pdf

This “how-to” book on planning and managing GIS within local governments describes and details the key components of a successful, sustainable and long-lasting business. Describe the strategic planning process that your organization must implement before implementing GIS. At the heart of this book is The Formula for Success, which provides a systematic methodology for investigating and comparing GIS initiatives and a practical and repeatable strategy for success.

There are many obstacles to a successful GIS implementation, but unfortunately, the municipal situation is flooded with false start-ups, poorly planned implementations, and glorious mapping systems. This book documents the reasons for failure and possible solutions to overcome implementation challenges. It describes the path to change, how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, and the organizational approaches, management processes, and leadership actions needed to make MIS an integral part of the organization. This book aims to set high goals so that you can achieve them consistently by developing goals and objectives that will have a significant impact on the success of your GIS initiative. Learn more about the key elements for building an enterprise GIS vision statement, including management, data and databases, procedures and workflows, GIS software, GIS training and education, and infrastructure, and how to develop performance measurements such as: To do. Organization. This book combines theory and hands-on experience to provide guidance on the GIS implementation management process. This book introduces new ideas about GIS technology through key components.

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